News is the website of Fields Farm in Bend Oregon. (Dale Friedkin) PHP Veggies,eggs and starts,eggs-and-starts Submitted by Debbie, June 9, 2016<br /><br /> <p>Hi Folks,</p><br /> <p>This week on Fields Farm we harvested lovely sweet carrots, the first beets of the season, tender garlic scapes, lettuce mix and arugula for the farm stand. Eggs are available and we keep urging the girls to lay more. There are raspberry, hop, a variety of tomato and squash starts for your garden. Come on by.</p><br /> <p><br /><br /> </p>tags:news Tomatoes and more Submitted by Debbie, May 28, 2016<br /><br /> <p>We have a variety of tomatoes starts, including heirloom varieties of Black Cherry, Chocolate Cherry, Pruden's Purple,Pink Brandy wine, Cherokee Purple as well as hybrid Sungold Cherry. We have squash,cucumber, parsley and onion starts. It's a great weekend to start your garden!</p><script src=""></script>tags:news Tomato,squash and parsley starts,squash-and-parsley-starts Submitted by Debbie, May 12, 2016<br /><br /> We are busy transplanting and have a few extra starts. Currently we have some heirloom Pruden's Purple tomato, a full sized slicer and a heirloom Black Cherry tomato, a few zucchini, parsley and mixed onion. The frig is packed with lettuce mix, elegance greens, cilantro and eggs. On the table is a couple quarts and pints of honey.<script src=""></script>tags:news Farmstand Submitted by Debbie, April 26, 2016<br /><br /> <p>Hi Folks,</p><p>The refrigerator is full of eggs, lettuce mix, arugula, spinach and elegance greens mix. There's honey on the table. If you are a Locavore shopper you are welcome to come to the farm stand while Locavore is closed for moving. They will be reopening on May 4th at their new location on Revere and 3rd street.</p><script src=""></script>tags:news This week Submitted by Debbie, April 19, 2016<br /><br /> <p>Hi Folks,</p><br /> <p>This week at Fields Farm we've been wrestling with an irrigation system but yahoo it's up and running. We packed the refrigerator in the sales shed with lettuce mix, arugula, spinach, elegance greens mix and eggs. Honey is available on the table.&nbsp;</p><br /> <p><br /><br /> </p>tags:news Greens, greens, greens,-greens,-greens Submitted by Debbie, April 12, 2016<br /><br /> Well spring has sprung and after a lovely train trip Jim and I came home to GREENS, spinach, arugula, elegance greens and lettuce mix. They are tender and delicious. The hens also are quite happy with warm days and are laying those beautiful eggs. The farmstand is open daylight hours. Come on by and help yourself.tags:news Even though it doesn't feel like it, it is spring,-it-is-spring Submitted by Debbie, March 21, 2016<br /><br /> Yes it's been chilly but our crops tucked in the greenhouses have been growing. &nbsp;CSA shares bare available, $660 for a large share and $390 for a small share. &nbsp;The girls have been laying eggs quite regularly for a reliable supply of eggs at the farm stand. If you're interested in honey come to the house we're still keeping it inside. There are lots of projects going on here at the farm including a new irrigation system that will enable us to save water.tags:news CSA shares, honey and eggs,-honey-and-eggs Submitted by Debbie, February 20, 2016<br /><br /> <p>CSA shares for 2016 are available for $660 for a large share and $390 for a small share. A large share will have 9 to 12 items, a small share 6 to 9 items in a weekly bag from the 3rd week in May through the last week in October. Along with a few extras as weather allows.</p><br /> <p>Last fall the first honey was harvested from hives here on Fields Farm. For those of you who use local honey to help control seasonal allergies or if you just like a delicious light honey we'll have pints of honey for $11 in the sales shed by mid week. &nbsp;With the recent warm weather the hens think it's spring and are laying well. Eggs are in the grey frig.</p><br /> <p>Planting has began and the onion starts are up. We are hoping for another bountiful year.</p><br /> <p><br /><br /> </p><br /> <p><br /><br /> </p>tags:news