News is the website of Fields Farm in Bend Oregon. (Dale Friedkin) PHP Summer abundance Submitted by Debbie, August 10, 2015<br /><br /> <p>Hi Folks,</p><br /> <p>Summer abundance is upon us! Onions, garlic, potatoes, broccoli, cabbage, all the leafy greens, beets, summer squash, artichokes and parsley are available at the farm stand. Tomatoes and green beans start next week. The young hens are starting to lay, you may find a small egg or two in your dozen eggs. They size up within about a month. Stop on by and enjoy the summer freshness.</p>tags:news Farm Stand Submitted by Debbie, July 15, 2015<br /><br /> <p>Hi Folks,</p><br /> <p>We've had several new folks by wondering how to buy fresh veggies at the farm, so it's time for an update. &nbsp;The best days to find the refrigerator stocked is Tuesday to Saturday. No harvesting is done on Sunday and Monday. Vegetable that will be reliably available are leafy greens of kale, chard, collards and lettuce mix, summer squash, onions, garlic, parsley and basil. &nbsp;Broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage will often be in the frig too. Cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and celery will be on in about 3 weeks. Eggs are in short supply until the younger chicks start laying in about 6 weeks. Thursday and Friday are the best days for eggs right now. Come by during daylight hours, if you need help honking is not considered impolite here. If there is specific things you want feel free to call in an order at 541-382-8059 and we'll have it labeled and ready for you.</p><br /> <p>Debbie, Jim and Brian</p>tags:news Thinking about gardening? Submitted by Debbie, May 24, 2015<br /><br /> <p>Hi Folks,</p><br /> <p>Wow what a beautiful day! Perfect for starting the vegetable garden. We have plenty of vegetable starts available including tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, both summer and winter squashes, celery, onion and hops. Come on by.</p><br /> <p>Debbie, Jim and Brian</p>tags:news Heads up gardeners!! Submitted by Debbie, May 8, 2015<br /><br /> <p>Hi Folks,</p><br /> <p>For you gardeners out there we have a variety of vegetable starts available. &nbsp;As we get our planting done we see what we have extra and offer them for sale. &nbsp;These are all varieties that we grow. They are adapted to our short growing season and are hardier varieties. &nbsp;We have tomatoes, peppers, summer and winter squashes, onions sets, celery, kale, broccoli, parsley, cucumbers and maybe a few more I haven't thought of. You're welcome to call and I'll set aside your order or come on by.</p><br /> <p>The grey refrigerator is stocked with lettuce mix, spinach, elegance greens mix, arugula and cilantro.</p><br /> <p>Debbie</p>tags:news Spring news Submitted by Debbie, April 22, 2015<br /><br /> <p>Hi Folks,</p><br /> <p>Spring is bursting here on the farm. &nbsp;We have eggs, lettuce mix, the Elegance Greens mix, arugula and spinach for sale in the grey refrigerator. &nbsp;We will start putting out plant starts for sale. &nbsp;As &nbsp;we get our starts in the ground , any extras we have are being oferred for sale. These are all varieties known to grow well and produce in the central oregon climate. &nbsp;Currently we have some tomato varieties, parsley, raspberry plants, hops and peppers. More will be available in coming weeks.</p><br /> <p>Planting party this Saturday, April 25th from 10 to 11 in the morning at the farm. &nbsp;We've got some onion starts, parsley and cilantro to go in the ground.</p><br /> <p>Happy Spring</p><br /> <p>Jim, Debbie and Brian</p>tags:news Raspberry plants, eggs and shares,-eggs-and-shares Submitted by Debbie, March 15, 2015<br /><br /> <p>Hi Folks&nbsp;</p><br /> <p>We have thinned the raspberry patch and have raspberry plants in one gallon pots for sale for $5. &nbsp;We continue to have plenty of eggs and both large and small CSA shares for sale. Spring seems to have arrived!</p><br /> <p>Debbie, Jim and Brian</p>tags:news CSA details/lots o' eggs Submitted by Debbie, February 15, 2015<br /><br /> <p>Hi Folks,</p><br /> <p>As soon as I sent the CSA announcement out I was reminded be several of you that I forgot a few important details. To secure your share please send at least half the payment with the remainder due in June. &nbsp;We don't accept credit cards or online payment due to the fees involved. &nbsp;We want to keep the price of the share as low as possible. Checks or cash is fine and can be mailed or brought to the farm at 61915 Pettigrew Rd. Bend &nbsp;OR 97702. The price for the large share is $640 and for a small share is$380. Call 541-382-8059 or email if you have questions.</p><br /> <p>With this unseasonably warm weather our hens are laying eggs like crazy. There are plenty of eggs in the grey refrigerator. &nbsp;Seeding has begun. &nbsp;Owen Murphy's class from COCC came out on Friday and did a truly awesome amount of work getting us ready for the planting season. All the greenhouses are cleaned out, in place and ready to plant, raspberries are pruned, shallots planted and mulched. A big thanks to Owen and his class.</p><br /> <p>Jim, Debbie and Brian</p>tags:news 2015 CSA Submitted by Debbie, February 2, 2015<br /><br /> <p>Hi Folks,</p><br /> <p>The garlic is beginning to peek out of the ground and we're seeding onions this week, must be time to open the 2015 CSA! &nbsp;We are offering both a large and small share this year. &nbsp;The large share will have 10 to 15 items per bag, less variety at the beginning of the season and by August we usually have a bounty of items. &nbsp;The small share will have 6 to 9 items per bag. &nbsp;The large share will cost $640 and small shares $380. &nbsp;The season will begin as soon as we have produce available often with greens available in April with the full shares beginning sometime in May. &nbsp;It's always difficult to predict what the weather will bring and how it will affect our first harvests. &nbsp;If there is a vegetable or certain variety you would like us to consider growing now is the time to let us know.</p><br /> <p>Oooh, we can't wait for those firt spring greens!</p><br /> <p>Jim, Debbie and Brian</p>tags:news